Welcome, Summer!

Dear Summer,        kitten-summer-chair-

It’s so good to see you again, and looking so well!  Though other seasons each have their special charm,  I must admit,  I love the warmer, sunny days you bring with you. “The flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come. . .” (Song of Solomon 2:12)  There’s a freedom that comes with leaving the front door open and opening the windows to let in the fresh air.  It’s like letting the seams out on a garment that is a little  too snug.  My arthritic joints seem to welcome your return with gratitude as well. They don’t even mind when, once in a while, you  bring on a shower to quench the thirst of the flowers and plants, and to cool things off a bit.

Your arrival allows us to add a room to our living space, as we ready our screened in porch for warmer, slower-paced days.  And what a pleasant room it is, sitting right on the edge of the woods,  with breezy trees and a grassy lawn area, too.  Flowers border the grassy area, and birds flit from tree to tree, merrily chirping their summer songs.  I feel almost like I am sitting in the woods.  It is so peaceful, this sanctuary, this quiet place where time stands still,  this place where I meet God. It truly is a place where I  “draw near to God and He draws near to me.”  (James 4:8)  It’s a special blessing to sit there with John and Olivia  during a thunder shower, listening to the rain pelt the roof,  or on a hot day, to sit and have a glass of iced tea with a friend.  It’s a good place. . . a summer place.  Thank you Summer,  for making it available for our use once again.

Also with your return,  John’s schedule slows down just a bit,  or should I say,  becomes more flexible,  allowing us the privilege of taking little day trips if we choose, or spending time on special projects.

Oh yes,  Summer.  Welcome back!  We’re so glad you’ve come!  We praise the One who created you. “From the rising of the sun to its setting, the name of the Lord is to be praised!” (Psalm 113:3)  We hope you will have a long,  leisurely stay with us,  and not be in too much of a hurry to move on.  We’ve got lots planned for our time together.   Much to see and much to do,  and that’s the view from here. . . 

In Grateful Appreciation,   Peg

About Peg

I am privileged to be the happy wife of my godly husband John, and blessed to be the mother of three daughters, and Grammy to six granddaughters and one grandson. We enjoy our life here in the Mt. Washington Valley of NH. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and having been saved by His grace, seek to follow Him daily as I pass through this earth on my way to eternity. Along the journey, I take great pleasure in my family, music, writing, fiber arts and all things creative!
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2 Responses to Welcome, Summer!

  1. It sounds as if you live in a lovely place Peg… 🙂

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